Culture, Language, and Pain Lab

Dr. Shin Ye Kim
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Our team investigates the intersection of culture, language, work-family,

------ pain, and health. ------


People do not exist in a vacuum! Everyone is born into a family and a society with intricate systems of languages, identities, and cultures. Every person is born into one or several overlapping communities, with interwoven roles that fundamentally shape their existence. The interconnectedness of different contextual systems, languages, and cultures, does not only shape people's experiences but also dictates their health and well-being throughout their lifetime.


Our research focuses on investigating the intersection of culture, language, work-family interface, and health (both psychological health and chronic pain conditions) among diverse populations, with two overarching lines of inquiry:

1) How cultural, linguistic, social, and interpersonal dynamics influence pain experience, outcomes, and opioid use.

2) How two major life roles — work and family — independently and collectively influence health, and how these phenomena occur and are influenced by cultural factors (gender role, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and age).