[ Selected Active Projects ]

Project: STOMP - Adaptive Intervention 

In this collaborative project (Screening in Trauma for Opioid Misuse Prevention) with Dr. Randy Brown at Family Medicine,  Kim Lab members will provide pain psychological intervention at UW Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin Trauma Units.

This project is funded by the Wisconsin Partnership Program.

Project: Culturally and Linguistically-Specific Pain Expression Library Database

This project seeks to create culturally and linguistically-specific pain language database in Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Hmong patients. 

This project is funded by the UW-Madison's Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education.

Project: Pain-Expression Translation with Few-shot In-Context Learning 

Dr. Kim and colleagues in the UW-Madison computer science department seeks to utilize LLM techology to provide translation support for pain experiences for Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Hmong, and Korean-speaking individuals.

This project is funded by the Piloting Research Innovation & Market Exploration.

Project: Culture, language, and pain communication among medical providers: A Qualitative Analysis (Dr. Kim and Lab Members)

This project aims to examine the intersection of culture and language in pain communication among three groups of healthcare providers (i.e., physicians, physical therapist, and nurse) and their experiences when working with patients from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 

Project: Beyond the Margins of Invisibility: A Critical Review and Conceptual Model of Pain Management in Asian Americans (Dr. Kim and Lab Members)

Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial/ethnic minority group in the U.S. This project aims to scope out the existing documentation of Asian American chronic pain experiences and critically review the pain management experiences of Asian American patients and their providers.

Project: Decolonizing Chronic Pain: Challenging Eurocentric Dominance in Chronic Pain Research and Treatment (Dr. Kim and Lab Members)

Western medicine's approach often paints chronic pain as homogenous, neglecting the myriad cultural, social, and individual contexts that shape pain experiences. In this project, we seek to critically review the coloniality of chronic pain research and practice.

[ Current Graduate Student Led Projects ]

Impact of chronic pain on language and communication and ethnic minorities (Shreya Singh)

Childhood Trauma, Challenged Sense of Belonging, and Chronic Pain in Adult Children of Immigrants: A Mediation Analysis (Joy Dhar)

[ Past Lab Projects ]

Linguistic markers of high vs. low opioids death: Machine Learning analysis of pain-related tweets (Kim, S.Y., Yang, W., Singh, S., Kiwani, Z., and Hamm, E)

Daily associations between cortisol and physical symptoms among chronic pain patients with daily discrimination experience: A parallel latent growth curve modeling approach (Kim, S.Y., Oh, W, and the KIM Lab Members)

Intersectional Experiences of Ethnic Discrimination and Chronic Pain Stigma: Development of a Typology of Ethnic Minorities with Chronic Pain (Kim, S.Y., and the KIM Lab Members)

The Intersection of Daily Discrimination and Pain Injustice among ethnic minority chronic pain patients: A latent profile approach (Kim, S.Y., Lee, J., & Mathai, B)

Single Session Pain Psychology Class: A Pilot Study to Reduce Opioid Use among Chronic Pain Patients in Lubbock County (Kim, S.Y. and KIM Lab Members)

Linguistic patterns of chronic pain patients’ stigma and pain communication: A mixed methods study (Kim, S.Y., Ireland, M., and the KIM Lab Members)

Language and Cultural Barriers in Pain Communication among Asian and Latinx Immigrants with Chronic Pain (Kim, S.Y. & Nguyen, N)

Test of a Social Cognitive Model of Opioid Misuse among Chronic Pain Patients: The Role of Cultural Syndromes (Kim, S.Y., Park, S.Y., Mathai. B., Daheim, J., France, C. & Delgado, B)

Diurnal Cortisol Profiles Among People with Chronic Pain and their associations with Work, Family and Work-Family Spillover (Kim, S.Y., Iserman, M., Daheim, J., & Almeida, D)

[ Past Graduate Student Led Projects ]

Discrimination and Chronic Pain Among Asian Americans: Does Social Support Play a Role? (Yoo, H., & Kim, S.Y.)

Workplace Discrimination among Midlife Adults with Chronic Pain: The Longitudinal Buffering Effect of Work-to-Family Enrichment (Nguyen, P., Kim, S.Y., & Yoo, H.)

Men, Chronic Pain, and Risk of Opioid Abuse: The Role of Conformity to Masculine Norms (Jacob Daheim)

Comparative Benefits of Physical Activity and Mindfulness on the Effects of Negative Work-Family Spillover on Life Dissatisfaction (Jacob Daheim)

Pain Medication Attitudes Questionnaire and Conformity to Masculine Norms on Men’s Risk of Abusing Opioids in Chronic Pain (Jacob Daheim)

Measurement Invariance of Pain Injustice Scale (Jacob Daheim)

"I feel ashamed of my broken English" - The Mixed Method Approach to Understand the Experiences of College Students Who Speak with a Non-Native English Accent (Nguyen Nguyen)

Internalizing Symptoms among Asian American Language Brokers: The Moderating Role of Values Enculturation (Nguyen Nguyen)

Work-to-Family Conflict and Pain among Midlife Adults with Chronic Pain: A Longitudinal Serial Mediation via Perceived Family Strain and Loneliness (Nguyen Nguyen)